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Hwayoung speaks on the controversy surrounding herself and T-ara

After keeping her silence for nearly a month, T-ara‘s former member, Hwayoung, has tweeted in response to the controversy and the way the situation has been unfolding.

Hwayoung wrote,

“Having come across articles about Eunjung unni’s leave from her drama, my heart felt uneasy. It is true that there were confrontations due to differences in opinions with the T-ara members while I was promoting as part of T-ara. However, with the stories about bullying going around and the situation growing worse, my heart was in pain. Both sides have also been really upset and hurt by the distorted facts [that have come out].

However, there were times when I was happy while we were all under one roof, so I want to forget about the past and want us to cheer each other on with smiles on our faces. You all showed so much love, care, and attention to T-ara, so I’m very sorry for having caused concern and worry through this incident to everyone.”

What are your thoughts on her words?
inoishe Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Its surprisin alil 2 4give t-ara after da bullyin but shes a kind person n I can c y she wants all da drama 2 end I would 2 n I rlly hope da truth comes out even if its bad do 4 da fans
~Love & Support Hwayoung n T-ara
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August 28, 2012


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